During pregnancy it is important that you can move freely. To move freely the joints in your body needs to have their full range of motion and your tissues needs appropriate fluid flow. This means that oxygen rich blood can nourish your cells and that of your baby, that veins can drain used blood back to the heart and that your lymphatic vessels can absorb fluid with waste products and ensure normal immune response to bugs in your body.

It is also important that you can breathe probably, that your body can accommodate the change in posture that occurs as your baby develops and that your pelvic and spine are in their optimal functional state.

Pregnancy produces large postural changes
Osteopathy aim to maximise your joint function and ensure balance within your body. Osteopathy can help with back pain, pelvic pain and leg swelling as your posture changes.

Preparation for birth

Osteopathy can also prepare you for your delivery. Giving birth is a natural process and women’s bodies are designed for this function. Pre-existing imbalances of your spine and pelvic and poor ability to breathe can impact on the ease of your labour.

Osteopathy can help restore the function of your spine and pelvis to optimize your potential for a natural uncomplicated birth.

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