Luis Renes

(23 April) “I’m a runner and I have been having problems with my hip and lower back (SI joint pain plus a slipped disc) for over 2 years and I have seen many doctors, traumatologists and masseurs. None of them helped me. In the past 3 months, I have been visiting Heidi and I can confidently say, she is the best osteopath I have ever visited. My “twisted” pelvis was getting chronic and more painful. She diagnosed my issues immediately and corrected them in a few sessions. Now I’m pain free and away from medication. Amazing!” [Facebook]

Carol Korschen

(11 February) “Heidi is the best Osteopath I have ever used, we all miss her in Kenya, but wish her well in Spain.” [Facebook]

Leyla A Meredith

(8 February) “I met Heidi when I was teaching yoga in Uganda. She worked on me and a friend of mine with huge amounts of success. Her manor is gentle and professional and her wealth of knowledge and physical ability are superb. I can not recommend her highly enough. You are in good hands.” [Facebook]

Nacim Benabdallah

(28 December) “I’ve visited in my life some Osteopaths, mostly in Switzerland. Heidi is till now the best Osteopath I’ve seen. She has a lot of experience, asks questions and knows what she’s doing. I felt safe in her hands. And after the first appointment my back and my leg felt much more better. I can recommend her in any case. The price is more than fair. Thank you!” [Google]