Neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches?

Should I see an osteopath?

These aches and pains are very common and osteopaths treat this every day. It can be that you lifted something, reached for something, gardening, slept funny, underlying arthritis (spondylosis), whiplash from a car accident or a irritating headache that never seem to fully go away. If you’ve got shoulder pain or neck pain, a pinched nerve or issues from a neck injury, then you should see an osteopath.

Pain down the arm, tingling sensations, pins and needles, and numbness could be as a result of injury to the neck. This may be due to compression of the nerves, which exit the cervical spine (neck). If you’re one of the many who sit in front of a computer all day, you probably have learned to live with a tight neck and shoulders.

Poor posture, especially hour after hour at the desk, is a major cause of sore neck and shoulder muscles because these become overworked and irritated. This leads to weakness in the muscles, which only makes the problem worse. Stress commonly affects pain in these areas too.

As with all problems, trying to diagnose yourself using the Internet or listening to friends who’ve had neck pain is not a good idea and unreliable — This is where we, osteopaths, are trained to help.
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