Heidi Tryland, Osteopath

heidi-tryland-profile-purpleHeidi Tryland is a UK registered osteopath. She is Norwegian and graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. With various careers, after receiving only one osteopathic treatment in England she was so impressed that she decided to become an osteopath herself. After having worked at the Osteopathic Health Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for over 7 years; and Mombasa Osteopathic Clinic in Mombasa, Kenya, for 5 years, Heidi set up base in Denia, Spain, in June 2017. Heidi is also experienced in cranial osteopathy and osteopathy for young children. Born in Norway, Heidi is an English and German speaking osteopath, fully bilingual and able to practise without limitations in both English and German.

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Heidi Tryland, Osteopathin

Heidi Tryland ist eine in Großbritannien qualifizierte Osteopathin. Sie ist Norwegerin und hat ihr Studium an der British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London absolviert. Nach nur einer osteopathischen Behandlung in England war sie so beeindruckt, dass sie sich entschloss, selbst Osteopathin zu werden. Heidi war über 7 Jahre im Osteopathic Health Center in Dubai (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate) und 5 Jahre in Mombasa Osteopathic Clinic, Kenia, tätig. Zeit Juli 2017 arbeitet sie in Denia. Heidi hat außerdem Erfahrung in der kranialen Osteopathie und Osteopathie für Jugendliche und Kinder. Sie spricht Englisch und Deutsch.

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(11 March) “I can not recommend Heidi highly enough. She is a very caring individual who is not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable in her field but can totally empathise with whatever problem she is presented with and puts you totally at ease. Heidi has, in 2 visits, got me back exercising after years of… Read More

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